RAGBRAI day one

Laying in my tent listening to the band down the street and wondering why there are 7 cop cars a block away.
My first full day of RAGBRAI and I believe every muscle will be sore in the morning but that’s what aleve is for. 49 miles the farthest I’ve ever ridden and up some ugly hills but it was a beautiful day and Kathy is a great riding partner.
I may take the day off tomorrow and I won’t feel bad about it. It’s a cool night great sleeping weather.
Think I’ll listen to some Merle Haggard on the iPod and get back to sleep.



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2 responses to “RAGBRAI day one

  1. Randy

    The cops were there tho keep an eye on all those damn hippies!

  2. Pam

    Good going! We’re rooting for you…


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