to a good home

This evening I was thinking of that song from Toy Story 2, When Somebody Loved Me:

Dang this song always makes me cry.  Anyway…I was visiting my parents last week and brought back my old Barbie dolls.  A friend of mine has a little girl who likes to play with Barbies. So my Barbies are going to a good home.

I rinsed out the clothes to freshen them up a bit

And the Barbies even got a bath.  I think they know a little girl is going to play with them again.


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  1. shellssells

    Bug is loving her “new” barbies. She is especially fond of disco barbie and insists on taking her to bed. What I loved the most about this was that your barbie clothing stash looks just like mine, a few handknits thrown right in the mix. I love the tailored look of the barbie clothes of yore. Thank you so much for this!

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