Me and Maine

So Jay and I went to Bangor, Maine for a long weekend.

First the fun stuff.  I got to meet Jay’s daughter Becca, her husband Dan and their 3 beautiful girls, Aurora, Sky and Celeste.  This was the first time that Jay met Celeste a very happy 14 month old.  I also bought some local hand spun, hand dyed yarn in Bar Harbor.  Also got to see some of the beautiful countryside around Bangor.  Definitely would like to go back in the summer.

Now for the other stuff.

Jay and I were supposed to fly out on December 3rd.  Our flight was running late and I was getting concerned about catching our connecting flight in Detroit.  We finally boarded, and took off about a half hour late.  Shortly after take off, there were a series of thumps on the plane.  Jay sat bolt upright and said “that wasn’t good.”  Sure enough we leveled off, slowed down and turned back to Omaha.  Flight attendant announced we had hit some bird and were turning back.

As soon as we landed, and they got a look at the plane, the flight was cancelled.  This is what they saw:

nose of the plane

I still can’t tell if that black spot under the pilots window is a hole, or remains.  As we were getting off the plane we could see blood and remains along the side of the plane.  The pilot figured we hit 5-6 birds, geese I would imagine.

So after a few phone calls we rescheduled our flight and hotel, plus added an extra vacation day.  Our flight on Friday left at 5:30 a.m. and took us from Omaha, to Atlanta, to Detroit, to Bangor.  We arrived in Bangor just as it was getting dark.  Did you know that it gets dark at 4:30 p.m. in Bangor?  I mean dark, dark.

Friday and Saturday we hung out with Becca and the girls.  Got some really fun fabric at a local discount store.  Sunday we decided to go to Bar Harbor.  It had snowed Saturday night, so Sunday morning the girls were out playing in the snow.  So we got a bit of a late start to Bar Harbor.  We took two cars and stopped in Bucksport, ME for pizza.  By the time we got to Bar Harbor it was dark, so we went into a few shops then headed back to Bangor.  Jay took me for a drive to some places that he used to live and as we were driving my stomach started to feel upset.

Back at the hotel I took some alka seltzer, but it did no good.  My stomach was not improving.  This was not good.  I started throwing up around 7:30 and this continued until around 3:30 a.m.  when I thought I was going to be sick, again.  But when I got to the bathroom I didn’t throw up, but instead had a very intense hot flash, I immediately started sweating.  I got back into bed, cooled off and fell asleep.  An hour later I woke up hungry, took a few sips of water, fell back asleep, then woke up an hour later, etc.

In the morning I felt better, but my stomach was still sensitive.  I don’t know if was something I ate, a 24 hour stomach flu or what.  Even Jay felt a bit oogey.  After 2 gatorades I felt even better.

Monday Jay and I went for a ride around Pushwa Lake.   Then headed back to the hotel for a much deserved nap.

Tuesday morning I was hoping to go to Blue Hill, ME to a yarn store, but opted to sleep in instead.  I think I made the wise choice.  We had lunch with Becca, Dan and the girls, then headed to the airport.

We arrived in Detroit just fine, but were really wondering if we were going to make it to Omaha.  Flights were being cancelled all over Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.  I think our flight was one of the last to land in Omaha.  Yep we made it OK.  Conditions on the ground left something to be desired.

Luckily we didn’t have to wait long for the long-term parking shuttle and even managed to find my little Honda.  Yes I made Jay drive home.  After a few attempts we managed to back out of the parking spot, pay our ticket and head out on the roads.  Getting onto I480 was a bit slippery but we managed to creep up the on ramp.  Once on the Interstate conditions were passable but I was still an extremely nervous nellie.  We got off Kennedy at Capehart and again had to creep up a hill (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…).  We pulled into Jay’s neighborhood and were only 3 blocks from his house when we got stuck in drift.  Again after much back and forthing, Jay managed to get us out of that mess.  Trouble was once we got to his street we couldn’t make it up the hill (foiled!) so we slid back down and parked at the end of the street.  There we were lugging our suitcases through the snow at 11:30 at night.

I can’t tell you how good it felt to crawl into a nice warm bed.

Jay went into work for a few hours today and lucky me I have a snow day from work.  I just hope the snow plow hasn’t packed too much snow around my car.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and is staying warm.


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