193 yards of Border Leicester

Since I’ve been spinning with different breeds I figured I should learn something about them.  I picked up The Fleece and Fiber Source Book and it’s already a valued resource.  It covers many breeds and has given me a good understanding of their history and how to handle their fiber.

I do believe that my friend Kara and I have pretty much moved to a barter economy and left the cash economy behind.  I obtained the Border Leicester locks in a swap with Kara. The locks were white and crimpy and I couldn’t wait to spin them. The locks had been separated but not washed.

If I remember correctly I think I soaked the locks in cold water for about a day.  I’m assuming I did this to loosen things up.  Then they got a couple of  hot water soaks in a lingerie bag.  Once they were dry I used the flick card on them and spun from the locks.

After working my way through the locks I only filled one bobbin and I figured hey, I’ll just cake this yarn up and ply it from both ends of the cake.  I thought I was so smart.  As soon as I started plying it was a Disaster (yes with a capital D).  This was a soft fuzzy yarn and those strands just wanted to grab onto one another and not let go.

After several curse words I stopped, and cut the yarn.  I took what was left in the cake, weighed it and made two equal weighted balls.  Well gee, wouldn’t you know, plying from two separate balls is easier than plying from one cake.

So this poor skein of yarn has quite a few knots and I only have 193 yards, and when dye day rolls around it’ll most likely end up in the dye pot.  Not sure what color and no idea what I’ll make with it, but I’m sure it’ll come to me.



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