Icelandic Saga

My Icelandic wool was the March installment of the Fleece of the Month club from Between Ewe and Me.  I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it when I received it.  Icelandic sheep have a doublecoated fleece consisting of a longer outer coat (t0g) and a shorter under coat (thel).  So here I had locks that had long and short fibers of different textures.





I could separate the fibers and work with it that way or combine the fibers.  Since I had trouble separating the locks I decided to work with them combined.  Once again my kind friend Kara let me use her drum carder, as I thought the hand cards might not work well.  I ended up with a lovely squishy batt of about 2 ounces.



Then I decided to spin it, that’s were the Saga comes in.  While the batt was lovely and squishy I didn’t find spinning it that lovely.

Perhaps it was the two different lengths, the two different textures or maybe I was too cranky that day.  Whatever it was I had a heck of a time getting it started, the fibers kept slipping away from the leader or out of my hand.  I finally got enough twist to start making yarn.  I also had to be reminded of the lesson that sometimes you have to let the fibers be what they want to be, let’s just say I wasn’t gonna get lace weight from this stuff!

So after I became more zen and let the yarn just be, I ended up with about 60 yards of some interesting yarn.

icelandic3I’d like to try spinning Icelandic again, but next time I would separate the tog from the thel and see what happens.  If anyone has had experience with Icelandic wool I’d love to hear about it!


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