Lovely Corriedale

I had some corriedale locks that were from a swap with Kara.  I was fortunate that they were already scoured and came to me fluffy and lovely.  The best part was they still had a bit of grease on them and I loved the smell.

After my experience with the Icelandic fiber it was a joy to work with some fiber that spun up so nice nicely.  After flick carding the locks I formed some lovely rolags:


Every time I make rolags I think how I want to go to Rollag, MN and make rolags.

I read that Corriedale yarn expands after it’s washed, so I spun it up as thin as I could.  I ended up with 112 yards of nice soft, spongy yarn.


Definitely a pleasant experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to spin up some Corriedale again.

As I was working with the Corriedale fiber I took the waste fiber and put it in an old nylon sock.  I tied off the opening of the sock and threw it in the washer the next time I had a hot water wash.  After a few trips through the dryer I ended up with a nice wool ball.  Thanks to Kara for the idea!  I guess you can throw these things in the dryer and it helps your clothes dry faster.  I’ve been using this one as a strength builder for my hands.  A few good squeezes and it helps stretch out my stiff and sore joints.


Today I’m working on project involving some Gotland and Shetland fiber and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


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  1. Corriedale was the first fibre I ever learnt to spin with and still one I really enjoy spinning. I don’t find it feels as nice when its roving as merino does but I much prefer how it spins up (and while merino is fun to spin I generally hate working with it past that.) The skein looks amazingly fluffy and lovely!

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